David James are working with Warranties 2000, protecting you for the road ahead. Covering you for all major parts and labour, with a total claim limit of £2000.

All potential repairs can be carried out by any VAT registered garage.

Our 12 month Warranty package is only £249!

Premiums on 4×4 vehicles do differ, please ask for details on 0191 266 1457 or fill in our online form.

Our Warranty Covers

When you consider that modern vehicles contain over 700 components, any of which might fail over time, the impact on your pocket could be painful.

Our comprehensive warranty is designed to help with the cost of repairs, including replacement parts, labour and VAT.

The David James Gold Warranty covers all mechanical and electrical components.

Car Warranty Grahic Result - David James Limited

Components Protected – Platinum

The following components are covered against Mechanical Breakdown (as defined elsewhere in this document) of those items listed below.

Please note any parts not listed are specifically excluded.

  • Engine – All components contained within the cylinder block and head including pistons, rings, crankshafts, big end bearings, manifolds, rocker assembly, timing chains, timing gears (excluding dual mass flywheel).
  • Turbo Unit – All components including inlet and exhaust turbine shafts, bearings, bushes, waste gate devices. Turbo cover ceases at 7 years or 80,000 miles whichever comes sooner.
  • Gearbox – All components contained within either manual or automatic transmissions including gears, bearings, clutches.
  • Clutch —- All components including clutch plate, clutch over, thrust bearing and or release bearing. Limited to one clutch repair during the warranty duration. Please note we will only cover clutches for actual failure and not general wear.
  • Differential — All components including gears, pinions, bearings, shafts.
  • Drive Shafts — All components including prop shafts, drive shafts, C.V. joints, couplings.
  • Brakes – All components including servo units, cylinders, valves.
  • Steering —- All components on steering systems including power steering units, rams, pumps, reservoirs, steering box.
  • Bearings – All components including wheel bearings, seals hubs, flanges, where mechanical breakdown has occurred causing sudden stoppage of their function.
  • Cooling System – All components including radiator (excluding external damage), matrix, water pump, head gasket, thermostat.
  • Ventilation — All components including heater assembly vents, tubes, controls.
  • E.C.U. — All components including solid state control units, triggering units, distributor, coil.
  • Electrics — All components including motors, solenoids, relays, alternator, starter motor, switches, computers.
  • Fuel System — All components including fuel pump, sender units gauges, air flow meters.
  • Air Conditioning — All components including compressors, pumps, reservoirs.
  • Locks – All components including regulators, handles, locks, catches (excluding accidental damage),
  • Seals — All major oil seals and gaskets.
  • Casings — Casings are covered if they have been damage by any of the listed parts.
  • Exclusions —- Cylinder head cracks and porosity, dual mass flywheel systems, wiring harness and looms and general extension components to these items, damage caused by frost, overheating or as result of a lack of anti-freeze, all normal maintenance items such as but not limited to plugs, filters, breather valves, valve cover, gaskets, plus parts that require periodic replacement such as but not limited to ancillary belts, hoses, exhausts, tyres, fluids, batteries, in-car entertainment systems, alarms, immobilisers, normal wear items, non-manufacturer approved parts.
  • Vehicle Hire – In the event of a valid claim and provided the manufacturers repair time is in excess of 8 working hours, a maximum of £45 per day inclusive of V.A.T. but exclusive of fuel and insurance may be claimed for a maximum of 7 days from the time the repairs are started provided prior approval has been obtained from Warranties 2000. :
  • Recovery – In the event of a valid claim a maximum of £60 per claim inclusive of V.A.T. will be reimbursed.
  • European Use -— The limits of the warranty are extended to cover the vehicle whilst outside of the U.K. but within the E.U. fora period of not more than 60 days in any 12 month period.