Professionalism, Transparency, Excellent cars

I found a nice car via Autotrader on David James Limited website. Due to the pandemic, I had a delay in getting my address updated on my driving licence. This took quite a while. However, this did not stop the staff from acting very professional throughout my experience with them. Kev in particular was exceptionally nice and hardworking and he made sure that I had a good experience with them. Eventually, I got my licence and the deal was closed. Kev was so helpful and made buying the car very interesting and I was a happy customer. DJ ltd also had the car washed in and out. The car was sparkling and had no bad smells or the likes. It was as though I had a brand new car. The product was top of the range spec of car. I was offered a Prosecco by DJ Ltd as part of the celebration for me. I believe if we have staff such as Kev in most businesses then most would be very successful. I told Kev that I will get a car for my wife from DJ Ltd . I highly recommend DJ Ltd.

Richard O